I Love My iPad!

by Nicola Quinn

I Love My iPad!

And I really do. It's an amazing thing, like when you find something for the first time and it feels so right, like something you've been waiting for or a song you've heard for the first time and it feels familiar like you've known it for ages. That's what something classic, elegant, useful and timeless feels like. And that's what holding an iPad for the first time felt like.

It's quite amusing how I acquired mine. My partner came over at the weekend with an iPad all wrapped up in beautiful packaging, as is the norm with all Apple products, a total delight to unwrap and discover the treasures within. I, meanwhile had bought him a "If you woke up this morning it's because Jack Bauer spared your life" t-shirt which I then offered to swap after the hundredth "you do know that Ipad's mine don't you". Lol, yeah, sure it is...

Anyway, he took off without it, bought himself another one on the way home :)

As with all Apple products it's delightfully easy to use and immediately usable straight out of the box. Just plug into iTunes and there you go, all sorted and ready for action. There are already some great apps specially for the iPad though all my iPod Touch apps transferred over nicely too.

I can highly recommend getting Air Video that streams videos from your computer onto your iPad. You need to install Air Video Server onto your computer for it to work though that's well worth doing and very easy.

iPad - Video

I also recommend SimpleNote which allows you to make notes which then sync with your computer when you get back to it, if you ever manage to, that is, after becoming emotionally, intellectually and physically attached to your iPad. You need to create an account at Simple Note and I also got Notational Velocity which syncs nicely with SimpleNote to let all that happen.

iPad - Keyboard

The only thing I haven't got used to yet on the iPad is the touch keyboard as I am a little heavy handed though I don't plan to write anything other than the odd tweet or password to access things online. Having said that a marketing guru, Paul Colligan, has famously run his empire from an iPad for one month, so it's eminently usable for that, just takes a little getting used to.

Anyway, TweetDeck looks gorgeous on the iPad. Videos play beautifully. The sound is excellent. The only tiny gripe is the cover won't let you prop it up portrait, only landscape orientation, oh poor me.

And no I didn't post this from my iPad though I could easily have done if I was a little more patient and got used to the touch keyboard though patience isn't my strong feature which is how I acquired my iPad in the first place...



Posted Jun 2, 2010 by Nicola Quinn   
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